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Focus V Carta Vaporizer Review

Best suited to an experienced oil and concentrate user, the Carta Focus V has the power and reliability of a desktop vaporizer while remaining reasonably portable for your convenience.

Focus V Carta Vaporizer

Focus V Carta Vaporizer

Expert Review
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Heat Up Time: ~15 seconds
Compatibility: Dry Herb & Concentrates
Heating Style: Conduction
Warranty: 1 year
Temperature Settings: 600-900°F
Power Source: 2 x removable 18350 batteries
Draw Method: Direct Draw

Overview: Carta Focus V Vaporizer

Coming at us as a portable desktop vaporizer, the Focus V Carta is a beautifully designed cloud producer.

Manufacturer: Cloud V

Cloud V is a well-established and reputable brand in the vaporizer market. In the production and development of their products over the years, the China-based conglomerate maintains a great reputation for quality and customer service.

E-Rig Designed for Dabs

While you won’t find the Focus V Carta any way helpful in vaporizing dried herb, if you’re a fan of oils or concentrates, you’re in for a tasty treat. Cool pulls and flavorful clouds.

An Advanced Vaper’s Dream

This is definitely not a beginner’s vaporizer. Both the price point and ourselves agree that the Focus V Carta is best suited for a seasoned “pro.” If that’s not you, don’t worry, you can start your vaporizer journey with the basics.

Portable Dab Rig with Desktop Performance

The Focus V Carta can certainly claim the rights to extreme value. However, considering the vaporizer is designed specifically for the enjoyment of oils and concentrates, you will want to have some experience to get the best of this vaporizer. Beginners need not apply.

Pros & Cons

  • In addition to the wax chamber, the included titanium and quartz buckets are a huge bonus for fans of denser concentrates
  • Easily replaceable and rechargeable 18350 batteries
  • Cool and terpene-rich draws are top-shelf
  • Too large to use in stealth mode
  • Loading is a sticky experience, especially in hot load mode
  • Getting an exact oven temperature read is tough

Using the Focus V Carta Vaporizer

The Carta Focus V is a versatile wax vaporizer that offers a great vapor and build quality.

4 Pre-Set Temperatures

With the inclusion of a wax chamber, the titanium and quartz buckets allow the consumer to make some choice in terms of exactly what is being extracted. The borosilicate carb cap ensures for even extraction of your clouds of choice.

Powered by the easily replaceable and rechargeable 18350 battery, you’re in for a clean LED visual on the rather ambiguous four temperature presets. While you won’t see any notes of oven temperature on the device, we’ve found a lot of success relying on the four presets. Clicking the Focus V Carta as you puff, you will notice the oven temperature increase, demonstrated by the four corresponding LED lights. With a single being the lowest and all four indicating the highest, you might have to do some playing around with the presets to find your ideal vape experience. We’re catching light, but delicious clouds at the first preset, and deep, dank draws when all four LED lights shine.

While there is a corresponding app to accompany your Focus V Carta that allows you to get a better read on the precise oven temperature, we’ve found our best results by solely relying on the selection of the four presets. They seem to do an excellent job with little to no effort. The app is handy for consumers who are very keen on their exact oven temperature, but Apple has been removing vaping apps from their app store, so it might be unavailable.

Unique Bubbler For Cooling Vapor Draws

The production of vapor really comes down to one thing. Pay lots of attention when you are loading your goods. If you find yourself a fan of heavier concentrates, we suggest sticking to the titanium or quartz buckets. While offering the option of either a cool or hot load, we suggest keeping it cool to start. Regardless of your chamber/bucket choice, ensure that you have achieved even coverage of your bowl of choice.

Once you are all packed up, the pristine vapor production ultimately comes back to the borosilicate carb cap. Heat-resistant, the included and very necessary carb cap is where your clouds will collect and chill – just waiting for a pull. If you choose to endeavor a hot load, be careful on pack, as your concentrates will start to melt through the chamber/bucket before you fire that oven back up. In whichever manner you feel most comfortable, the forecast calls for large cloud coverage.

The airflow in the Focus V Carta is wonderful. Thanks to the borosilicate carb cap, which also helps cool the vapor, you can maneuver a customized puff at any point. You’ll watch the production and collection of your clouds through the see-through carb cap, and it’s quite simply up to you when it’s time to pull. A light draw will provide a tasty pull that goes easy on the chest. If you’re looking to drain those clouds, take a deep, dank pull and fill your lungs up with a proper kick.

Cleaning the Carta Focus V

As with most vaporizers designed specifically for concentrates, you’ll want to ensure you have plenty of isopropyl in stock. As we extract vapor from said concentrates, the Focus V Carta will require a commitment to keeping your chamber/bucket clean.

Providing that you have a microfiber cloth and isopropyl on hand, we suggest getting a visual on the state of your bowl post-extraction. It might ultimately come down to your choice of concentrate, but there is a good chance you will want to give the vaporizer a proper clean. Residuals can build up quickly, and you may not want to be dunking fresh concentrate into the build-up, as it will impact the flavor.

Establishing that your Focus V Carta is due for a clean is almost as easy as actually cleaning the unit. You can very simply unscrew the non-electronic pieces, soak a nice portion of your microfiber cloth with the isopropyl, and get to a proper scrub down. After the isopropyl, give the non-electronic pieces a quick rinse in cold water. They will not take long to dry, and all of a sudden, you’re ready to load a bowl of concentrate into a sparkling clean Focus V Carta.

Unique Features

Presenting itself as a portable desktop vaporizer, the Focus V Carta is almost one of a kind. While the vaporizer itself isn’t pocket friendly by any means, this is a cool vaporizer to pack up in a bag and show off and session out with your friends.

The read on the LED lights on the unit’s side allows for a strong alliance with your oven temperature. However, you can download an attached app to really get your nerd on with your oven temperature.

While the 18350 batteries that power the Focus V Carta are easily rechargeable with the included USB cable, the ability to keep a couple of spare batteries on hand can be very helpful if you find yourself out of charge. On purchase, you will receive two with your Focus V Carta.

Carta Focus V Warranty & Accessories

The Focus V Carta comes equipped with a limited one-year warranty. Keeping the warranty locked to defects in materials or production is agreeable. The performance degradation, battery, glass, and carb cap are not included in this warranty. You will need to process any warranty claims with Focus V directly via their website.

On purchase, you can look forward to seeing your brand new Focus V Carta vape rig, a borosilicate carb cap, a titanium bucket, a quartz bucket, a wax chamber, a USB-C charging cable, a tidy carrying case, and two 18350 batteries. Focus V also features a large list of vaporizer extras, available for purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Compact Dabbing Rig: Efficiently Turns  Concentrates into Vapor

Bringing this Focus V Carta review to a close, a final verdict couldn’t be easier. If you have experience vaporizing concentrates, the Carta Focus V might just be your new best friend. If you find yourself a curious newbie with little experience in handling your concentrates, save your money until you are ready.

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