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Da Buddha Vaporizer

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Vaporizer Type: Desktop
Heat Up Time: 90 seconds
Compatibility: Dry Herb
Heating Style: Convection
Warranty: 3 year warranty (Limited)
Temperature Settings: Unlabeled heating
Power Source: Outlet


While continuing to roll out vape tech that speaks to the crowd, Floor 7th Vapes delivers the high-quality desktop Da Buddha Vaporizer. The ability to nail down your personally desired draw experience is as easy as making a quick adjustment to the temperature control dial. The Da Buddha Vaporizer proves to be as valuable to a vape veteran or a first-timer. With its top of the line machinery, included accessories and ease of use – Da Buddha presents tremendous value to someone looking for a clean & sharp desktop vaporizer.

Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable temperature controls allow for a personalized vape draw experience
  • Ceramic heating elements come to temp at a rapid pace
  • Value at price point. The Da Buddha Vaporizer stands tall to impress with the quality delivered for dollar.
  • No numbers on the heat dial can lead to some challenges with meeting desired vape temp/draw strength
  • Keep an eye on the whip; you will need to give your herb a little stir here and there to avoid combustion, as the heating element tends to burn on the uneven side

Using the Da Buddha Vaporizer

The Da Buddha Vaporizer is a beautiful incarnation of the whip-style vaporizer. This vaporizer presents itself as a level-up in design, providing for a tangible high-quality desktop vaporizer that is an immediate eye-catcher. Removing the vaporizer and accessories from its tightly cushioned hempster travel bag, you are just about set to plug in, turn on and begin to enjoy your vaporized herb of choice.

Extraction and Temperature Control

As you turn the dial towards the right, landing a firm crank on the temperature control knob will bring the ceramic heating element into plain view on the front of the unit. You will notice how quickly the element comes to full temp – roughly 40-50 seconds. This will be more than enough time to grind your herb and pack the glass end of the whip with a tight and sizeable bowl. At three feet in length, the food-grade vinyl whip tube allows for a maneuverable pull from the desktop vaporizer. As you bring a freshly packed glass whip end to the ceramic element, you will notice an immediate connection and the beginnings of vapor production.

Vapor Production and Airflow

This is where the fun starts. While lacking any sort of visual temperature indicator, you will be able to have some fun finding your perfect vape temp. At the max temperature, you will experience very deep and robust draws. If you find yourself enjoying the Da Buddha Vaporizer at the max temp, ensure you are keeping a close eye on your herb. The inclusion of the stainless steel marble pick comes in very handy for this. You’ll want to be giving your herb a little stir in the glass end of the whip to ensure you’re getting even coverage on the vapor production of your herb of choice.

Although lacking any temperature read, as you start to spin the control knob from extreme right back through the left – the ceramic heating element will continue to decrease in overall temperature. You will notice the impact on your pulls from the whip as you play with the temperature control knob. Finding a heavy, deep draw on the max temp may put your chosen herb in a compromised position of combustion. At a rough medium, with the control knob placed precisely in the middle of off and maximum, you will find a draw that speaks heavily to the flavor profiles of your herb. This temperature provides for an easier pull with less emphasis on vapor density, and offers a unique experience in tasting through your herb. While the lack of a temp read may prove to be frustrating for some vape aficionados, finding your perfect temp setting can prove to be very rewarding.

Cleaning the Vaporizer

The Da Buddha Vaporizer also comes with a bonus in the form of overall unit upkeep & cleanliness. The glass on glass component of the whip itself makes for easy maintenance. You’re going to want to ensure that the screen is quickly brushed out after you dispose of your vaped herb from the glass end of the whip. The stainless steel marble pick does an excellent job with this. Brushing the screen is quite simple to accomplish, but something you’re going to want to stay on top of. A sticky screen with residual herb residue will result in not being able to achieve a clean draw. While the Da Buddha Vaporizer comes equipped with ten extra back-up screens, performing a regularly scheduled check-in, brush-out & clean-up will keep your screen inventory in check.

Unique features 

The Da Buddha Vaporizer stands out amongst its peers on a few levels, but the overall design and quality feel of this vaporizer are of top note. Available in either silver or a powdered black, the ¼ inch thick airplane grade aluminum body of this vaporizer is an eye-catcher! Presenting itself in the padded hempster storage bag, it is an absolute treat to remove the vaporizer and its included accessories. The bag is a perfect travel partner for the vaporizer itself, but can also serve a purpose as a simple, on-the-go day bag.

Da Buddha Warranty & Accessories

The Da Buddha Vaporizer comes neatly packed in the previously mentioned hempster storage bag. As you begin to unpack your new purchase, you will find the different accessories included with your new desktop vaporizer. The vaporizer itself arrives fully assembled and ready to plug in. In addition to the vaporizer, you will find the full ground glass whip kit and 3ft of whip tubing to complete assembly and get into action quickly. Also inside, you will find the stainless steel marble pick, which proves to be one of the greatest accessories in terms of approaching the upkeep of this desktop vaporizer. The addition of ten replacement screens is a kind nod from the team at Floor 7th Vapes.

Da Buddha vs. Silver Surfer

Floor 7th Vapes put themselves on the map with the Silver Surfer vaporizer. Coming in at a higher price point, the Silver Surfer is the direct inspiration behind the Da Buddha Vaporizer. Understanding that the cost of the Silver Surfer vaporizer may be out of the price range of many consumers, Floor 7th drops the Da Buddha using much of the same tech. While the Silver Surfer is available in multiple colorways in the airplane grade aluminum and multiple, even “one-off,” designs in hand-blown glass – the slightly toned-down Da Buddha Vaporizer appears to be as easy to use with the same result as the Silver Surfer. The choice comes down to the piece that catches your eye.

Floor 7th

Floor 7th Vapes can lay claim to being active in the vaporizer market for roughly ten years. Designed, built, and tested in the USA adds tremendous value for certain consumers. Priding themselves on quality, the Colorado-based Floor 7th has developed a reputation for being trendsetters in the industry.


The Da Buddha Vaporizer does an excellent job in its performance. This uniquely designed desktop vaporizer is approachable, easy to use, and delivers a customizable approach to your vape draws. While the lack of a precise temperature visual may seem to be challenging, playing around with the heating knob presents a very hands-on experience.

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