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DA BUDDHA Vaporizer Review

To satisfy fans of the Silver Surfer looking for a more affordable desktop device, 7th Floor Vapes released the Da Buddha Vaporizer. Using the same ceramic heating element and glass-on-glass design as the Silver Surfer, Da Buddha simplified the temperature controls for a high-quality vaping experience without the price tag.

Da Buddha Vaporizer

Expert Review


Vaporizer Type: Desktop
Heat Up Time: 90 seconds
Compatibility: Dry Herb
Heating Style: Convection
Warranty: 3 year warranty (Limited)
Temperature Settings: 212-500°F
Power Source: Outlet

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DA BUDDHA Vaporizer Overview

With a product line chock-full of high-quality vape tech, 7th Floor Vapes delivers another fan favorite with a name that’s just as sticky as the herb it’s packing. The Da Buddha Vaporizer is a desktop dream that makes nailing down your desired draw experience as easy as making a quick adjustment to the temperature control dial. This whip-style vape answers the demand for an affordable desktop device that doesn’t sacrifice the durability, ease-of-use, and great flavor of the Silver Surfer. The Da Buddha Vaporizer offers excellent functionality and a durable vaping experience at a rock-bottom price.

7th Floor Vapes

With a mission to be the leading vaporizer manufacturing company in the world, 7th Floor Vapes has quickly gained a reputation for being trendsetters in the industry. Based in Colorado Springs, the company only uses the finest quality materials to deliver products that will stand the test of time, and the Da Buddha is no exception.

Who Would Enjoy the Da Buddha? 

The better question is, who wouldn’t. The temperature is adjustable to fit your preferred herbal blend and personal inhale speed, making the Da Buddha a solid go-to for beginners and pros.

Da Buddha Vaping Experience

The vape is ready to rock in a few minutes using a ceramic heater that 7th Floor Vapes has tested 24/7 for over 10 years. The temperature regulators reduce the risk of combustion to ensure you’re getting an authentic vaping experience without burning your materials.

Affordable Luxury

Like its predecessor, the Silver Surfer, Da Buddha is also made from durable airplane-grade aluminum with a few simple mods to keep costs down. Da Buddha Vaporizer reviews say the vapor quality is comparable to more expensive desktop vaporizer models.

Da Buddha Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable temperature controls allow for a personalized vape draw experience
  • Ceramic heating elements come to temp at a rapid pace
  • Value at price point. The Da Buddha Vaporizer stands tall to impress with the quality delivered for dollar.
  • No numbers on the heat dial can lead to some challenges with meeting desired vape temp/draw strength
  • Keep an eye on the whip; you will need to give your herb a little stir here and there to avoid combustion, as the heating element tends to burn on the uneven side

Using the Da Buddha Vaporizer

The Da Buddha is a beautiful incarnation of the whip-style vaporizer. This vaporizer presents itself as a level-up in design, providing personalized sessions using the removable knob to set the indicator to your “sweet spot”. The Da Buddha Vaporizer also comes with a padded storage bag made of a hemp and polyester blend (delightfully referred to as “hempster”) to tuck your Buddha beauty in at night or to safely bring it on your travels for a session with friends.

Glass-on-Glass Connection

As you turn the dial to the right, the temperature control knob will bring the ceramic heating element into plain view on the front of the unit. You will notice how quickly the element heats up – roughly 40 to 50 seconds. This will be more than enough time to grind your herb and pack the glass end of the whip with a tight and sizeable bowl.

A ground glass connection comes as a standard feature to hold the wand in place, so there’s no need to grip the whip when you inhale. Some users report the angle of the wand sometimes lets herb fall down into the whip. Frequently stirring your botanical blend will help keep your green where it’s supposed to be.

Ceramic Heating Element

This is where the fun starts. While lacking any sort of visual temperature indicator, you will be able to run a series of experiments to find your optimal heating level. Max temperatures deliver deep, robust draws but make sure you’re keeping a close eye on your herb. The ceramic heating element fires up fast and can burn your bud if you aren’t paying attention. The stainless steel marble pick comes in handy for some stir action to get even coverage on the vapor production.

You will notice the impact on your pulls from the whip as you play with the temperature control knob. Placing the indicator in the middle will deliver a draw that speaks heavily to the flavor profiles of your herb. This temperature provides an easier pull with less emphasis on vapor density and more focus on taste. While some may prefer their desktop vaporizers with visible temperature settings, the payoff for finding the perfect setting is worth it to those willing to do the leg work. Or should we say lung work?

Easy Maintenance

The Da Buddha Vaporizer keeps it simple when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. You want to make a habit of brushing the screen on the glass end of the whip after you dispose of your vaped herb. A sticky screen with residual herb residue will result in not being able to achieve a clean draw. The stainless steel marble pick that comes with the vaporizer does an excellent job with this. While the Da Buddha Vaporizer comes equipped with ten extra back-up screens, performing a regularly scheduled check-in, brush-out, and clean-up will keep your screen inventory in check.

To get a thorough clean, you should reach for isopropyl alcohol and a salt solution or a specialized cleanser like Agent Orange or Orange Chronic. Gently twist off the glass heater cover and let it sit in the cleaning solution for about 20 minutes. After removing all resin and leftover residue from the wand, pour some cleaning solution through the whip, rinse with water, and let it dry.

Airplane Grade Aluminium 

The Da Buddha Vaporizer stands out amongst its peers on a few levels. Available in either silver or a powdered black, the ¼ inch thick airplane grade aluminum body of this vaporizer is an eye-catcher! Presenting itself in the padded hempster storage bag, it is an absolute treat to remove the vaporizer and its included accessories. The bag is a perfect travel partner for the vaporizer itself but can also serve a purpose as a simple, on-the-go day bag.

Da Buddha Warranty & Accessories

As you begin to unpack your new companion, you will find a rainbow of accessories included. The vaporizer itself arrives fully assembled and ready to plug in. In addition to the vaporizer, you will find the full ground glass whip kit and a 3ft whip tube to complete assembly and get into action quickly. Also inside, you will find the stainless steel marble pick, which will become your best friend when it comes to stirring your herb and keeping the screen neat and tidy. The addition of ten replacement screens is a kind nod from the team at Floor 7th Vapes. The Da Buddha comes with a limited 3-year warranty, excluding the glass pieces that typically only carry a 30-day warranty.

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Da Buddha vs. Silver Surfer

7th Floor Vapes put themselves on the map with the Silver Surfer vaporizer. Coming in at a higher price point, the Silver Surfer is the direct inspiration behind the Da Buddha Vaporizer. Understanding that the cost of the Silver Surfer vaporizer may be a bit more than some consumers would like to drop, 7th Floor Vapes introduced the Da Buddha using the same tech for less dough.

While the Silver Surfer is available in a variety of colors in the airplane grade aluminum and multiple, even “one-off,” designs in hand-blown glass. The slightly toned-down Da Buddha Vaporizer appears to be as easy to use with the same results as the Silver Surfer. The choice comes down to the piece that catches your eye.

Da Buddha Vaporizer: Great Functionality for Less

The Da Buddha Vaporizer is approachable, easy to use, and delivers a customizable experience to your vape draws. While the lack of a precise temperature visuals may seem intimidating, playing around with the heating knob presents a very hands-on method to building your relationship with your new Buddha buddy.

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