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Dosist Pen Review: Pristine & Clean

Dosist is focused on health and wellbeing, while exercising pesticide-free cultivation and non-volatile extraction. Its disposable pens are recyclable, but the newest pen is rechargeable.

Dosist Pen

Expert Review
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Vaporizer Type: Portable
Heat Up Time: 3 seconds
Compatibility: Oil
Warranty: One-year
Power Source: Rechargeable
Draw Method: Direct Draw

The Dosist Pen: Overview

The Dosist pen provides targeted formulas through precise dosing in a convenient portable pen unit.

Manufacturer: A trailblazer in delivering a quality CBD-focused experience

Dosist blasted out of the startup gate in 2016. Based in the U.S., Dosist is committed to delivering natural plant-based formulas with their trademark dose-controlled technology.

Vaping Experience with the Dosist Pen

A very tasty controlled-dose pull will produce beautiful clouds. It is a health-focused vaporizer, aiming to deliver your desired results.

Who’s this dose-controlled pen for?

Unlike their disposable options, the dose pen rechargeable is an excellent choice for both beginners and vape veterans. The Dosist is not for anyone who prefers to stick to their own stash of oils or concentrates though, as with this pen, you will need to rely on the myriad of Dosist flavor pods.

Overall Value of the Dosist Pen

Winner of multiple awards for their work in vapor tech, Dosist’s pen sits in a league of its own. If it works for your budget, it’s definitely going to work for you.

Pros & Cons

  • Large selection of Dosist flavor pods
  • Talented in focusing on health and wellness
  • Preconfigured settings - don’t worry about the oven at all
  • Cannot use the Dosist with your own oils or concentrates

Using the Dosist Pen

With so many choices of flavor pods and no cleaning required, consumers are in for an absolute treat with the Dosist Pen.

Extraction & Temperature Control: Preconfigured for a Precise Dosage

End tip of a dosist pen The most attractive feature of the Dosist pen is it arrives preconfigured to deliver precisely dosed draws of your chosen flavor. This means you will never have to think about controlling the temperature. The preconfigured oven lends a very helpful hand in the extraction of your goods.

Unlike many other vape pens on the market, you will receive nothing but flavor when you fire up your Dosist pen. You must rely on the Dosist flavor pods to find your perfect match, instead of your own oils and concentrates.

Heavy on the health and wellness aspects of cannabis consumption, the Dosist flavor pods provide access to multiple choices in the design of the concentrates themselves. You will certainly find Dosist formula pods that rely heavily on CBD over THC, which allows for some personal experimentation in the potential health benefits of CBD.

Pristine Vapor Production/Airflow

Person holding two dosist relief pensThe production of vapor in the Dosist pen is one of a kind. While Dosist keeps a hard lock on their intellectual property, they certainly keep the same lock on pristine vapor production. It’s as simple as clicking your chosen Dosist cartridge into the top of your pen. Previous models were disposable but recyclable, whereas the Dosist pen is now rechargeable.

When you click your cartridge into a fully charged Dosist pen, getting started is as easy as just taking a simple pull.

As the Dosist pen is designed to deliver accurately dosed pulls, you will notice the vape pen start to vibrate in your hand. If the Dosist pen vibrates, you will know you have inhaled exactly 2.25mg of vapor.

As mentioned, the oven itself is preconfigured to achieve maximum results in both dose and flavor. You may however find the cloud production a little light if you’re a fan of denser concentrates. Remember, Dosist is all about health and wellness, so you’re going to be tasting pure terpenes. Lighter clouds are easier on the lungs, but may be a turnoff for those who prefer a deep drag.

Cleaning the Dosist Pen

The Dosist pen is an ultra-clean vape pen and you have literally nothing to worry about when it comes to cleaning it. With the click-on Dosist flavor pods, you will never see any leakage into the battery unit. All you ever need to do is, when there are no pulls left from a cartridge, click off the empty pod and simply replace it with a new one.

Unique Features: Dose-controlled Pen

Offering a streamlined experience, Dosist’s pen is unique, in the way that their trademark battery/flavor pod system is utterly flawless.

During our Dosist pen review, in addition to the overall slimline and stealthy design of the pen, we found the selection of Dosist flavor pods to be amazing. With a tidy set of choices, you can enjoy a Dosist cannabis flavor pod in so many ways.

Branding cartridges as ‘bliss,’ ‘passion,’ ‘calm,’ etc. definitely gives consumers a great idea of what they are getting themselves into. Offering products that rely heavily on CBD (as well as a few blends involving THC) makes the Dosist pen a go-to for those looking into what CBD may have to offer, in terms of medicinal application. Appealing to a mature audience, the Dosist pen has certainly become one of the most reliable pens for medicinal users.


Dosist has been achieving home runs since starting up in California in 2016. The brand prides itself on progressive and dose-controlled tech, which has earned it plenty of awards, including the “best invention” from Time Magazine.

Providing customers a safe, natural, and repeatable experience, Dosist is a straight-up trailblazer in delivering a quality CBD-focused experience (some flavor pods do offer THC) that has left medicinal consumers in awe.

Their branded flavor pods speak direct to hopeful effect: rest, bliss, calm, soothe, etc.

Dosist Pen Review: Award Winning Vape Pen

Dosist has been steadily delivering the highest of quality in their product line since inception. There’s no question as to how they have won so many awards. The line of Dosist flavor pods is as intriguing as they are delicious. Dosist keeps stepping up their game, so our final verdict is: the Dosist pen is guilty of being one of the greatest vape pens ever to exist.


What is a Dosist pen?

Unlike prior disposable Dosist pens, the dose pen rechargeable is a slim, portable, and rechargeable vape pen. The oven is preset to achieve an accurate, controlled dose.

How does the Dosist pen work?

So easily. Attach your flavor pod and start puffing away. The oven works by itself to ensure you receive a precise dose. When your pen vibrates, stop puffing and give it a break. After a couple of minutes, the Dosist pen will start cooking your selection at its preset temperature.

Does Dosist Calm get you high?

This will be your choice. Many of the Dosist flavor pods consist of nothing but CBD, which should not make you high. As you browse their product line, pay attention to the ingredients. If you avoid blends containing any THC, you will not feel any of the psychoactive components of cannabis.

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