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Dr Dabber

Dr Dabber Switch Review

Dr Dabber Switch - front view with accessories
Dr Dabber Switch Front View
Dr Dabber Switch
Dr Dabber Switch - front view

Dr Dabber Switch

Expert Review
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Vaporizer Type: Desktop
Heat Up Time: 4 - 12 seconds
Compatibility: Dry Herb Concentrates
Heating Style: Induction Heating
Warranty: 2 years
Temperature Settings: 300°F - 800°F
Power Source: BatteryLiFePO4 non-volatile battery cells
Weight: 2722 grams

Dr Dabber Switch Overview

The Dr Dabber Switch is a portable herb and concentrate vaporizer that comes at a cost but is a top of line unit that delivers massive battery life.

Dabber Switch Manufacturer

Hatched in Las Vegas in 2013, Dr Dabber is one of America’s best-known makers of premium vaporizers. 

Who’s the Dr Dabber Switch For?

Hardcore vapers and flavor chasers who don’t mind spending a little more for quality and customization.

Dabber Switch Vaping Experience

A light and smoke show all in one that will delight your taste buds with smooth flavors and deep draws.

Overall Value of the Dabber Switch

This premium portable dab rig will set you back several hundred dollars. But if you’re a diehard vaper, it might be worth the investment.

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Using the Dr Dabber Switch

The Dr Dabber Switch is a portable vaporizer unit for the use of dry herbs or concentrates.

Multiple Heating Settings for Herb and Oil

Dr Dabber SwitchThe Switch has two basic modes: ‘leaf’ and ‘oil.’ Either mode has five different heat presets that cover just about anything you’ll ever want to vape. Like most portable dab rigs, low settings are designed to maximize flavors, while the higher settings are there to create stellar clouds. If you like to take flavor and cloud chasing to the extreme, the Switch has you covered. Shifting into the advanced mode unlocks an additional 25 temperatures, ranging from a warm 300°F to a blazing hot 800°F.

Robust Flavors at Great Speed

For a device this expensive, you’d expect big things in terms of vapor production. And that’s exactly what we got during our Dr Dabber Switch review. They’ve all but perfected their convection heating system, which superheats your cannabis without ever burning or charring it. Instead, it draws out robust flavors at great speed. It’s like fast food and fine dining all in one.

With the glass and ceramic design, airflow is second to none. Drawing is smooth, clean, and deep, and boy, do those rips hit hard.

Getting started is a breeze too. The Dr Dabber Switch heats up in just four or five seconds.

Cleaning the Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer

If you hate cleaning as much as we do, you’ll love the Switch’s self-cleaning mode. Once it’s on, it superheats the device to burn off any oil or cannabis residue, then cools itself back down automatically. While this eliminates having to clean the sticky gunk inside, you’ll still need to clean the glass attachments yourself. The simplest way to do that is to just soak the glass pieces in a bowl of isopropyl, then let them dry. Or if you want it done fast, you can use wipes or other cleaning utensils too.

A word of caution here though: This device gets extremely hot. So, before you attempt any cleaning, make sure it’s had time to properly cool down.

100-150 Uses on a Single Charge

Dr Dabber SwitchMost desktops run strictly on an electrical plug – but not the Switch. With just an hour of charge, you can go cord-free for up to a week. The Switch’s rugged internal battery doesn’t only give the device a sense of stability, it delivers 100-150 uses on a single charge. In fact, the stellar battery life is something that gets top marks in just about every Dr Dabber Switch review we’ve seen.

Convection Heating, Dazzling Light Shows & More

We must say during our Dr Dabber Switch review, there were plenty of unique features that popped out. The convection heating is very rare in this type of device and delivers a noticeably smoother, more flavorful experience. The auto-cooldown feature is pretty cool too. And the dazzling light shows delivered when the Switch is sitting idle really makes each session feel more like an experience. While it doesn’t necessarily enhance the flavor in any way, it does take the party vibe up a notch.

The overall look of the Dr Dabber Switch just screams uniqueness. It’s fairly huge and looks more like one of those giant plastic yard glasses you see in New Orleans (we’re looking at you, Hand Grenade) than a traditional vaporizer. But that’s all part of the fun and mystique of this product.

Pros & Cons

  • Delivers clean, smooth flavors that can be enhanced with 25 different heat settings
  • Easy to use with a durable battery that can last for up to a week
  • Potent hits within seconds of powering on
  • Self-cleaning mode saves manually cleaning
  • Large unit to carry around
  • Lots of settings may be complicated for first-time users
  • Not ideal for flower – more for oils and concentrates

Dr Dabber Switch Warranty and Accessories

Each device comes with ceramic induction cups, a glass percolator attachment, a dab tool/carb cap, a silicone wax container, reverse-action tweezers, a ceramic flower filter, quick reference cards, and one very robust instruction manual.

As a premium vaporizer, the Switch comes with a warranty to match. The battery, charger, and all electrical components are covered for two years. Understandably, glass, induction cups, and accessories aren’t covered, but they should last if you’re careful.

Dr Dabber Switch: High Tech Vape Best for Oils & Concentrates

Although we’re not the biggest fans of using dry herb in this device, we were dazzled by the experience with cannabis extracts. It’s arguably one of the best oil vaporizers on the market – but be warned, it does come with a pretty sizeable price tag, and it’s not something you’ll be carrying around with you wherever you go. However, for hardcore users who want to enjoy oils or concentrates at home with a unique party vibe, this is be the product for you.

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