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Ghost Mv1 Vaporizer Review

Ghost Mv1 Vaporize front view, all black
Ghost Mv1 Vaporize
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Silver Ghost Mv1 Vaporizer front view

Ghost Mv1 Vaporizer

Expert Review
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Vaporizer Type: Portable
Heat Up Time: 3 - 10 seconds
Compatibility: Dry Herb
Heating Style: Convection
Warranty: 2 or 5 years
Temperature Settings: 280°
Power Source: Battery

Ghost Mv1 Vaporizer Overview

Sometimes “good enough”, is good enough when it comes to choosing a vaporizer. After all, they all do the same thing, don’t they? Well, not exactly. A big part of the vaporizing experience comes from the quality of the tools you’re using. That’s where products like the Ghost Mv1 Vaporizer shine. They’re built to turn your experience from good to great, in ways you might not have even considered. Intrigued? Then read on my friend and get ready to discover a whole new world with Bloom & Oil’s 2020 Ghost Mv1 Vaporizer Review.



Vaping Experience:

Choosing a temp is easy. There are three pre-sets available, or you can customize your own with the app.  There’s also a setting for cannabis extracts. All deliver a pure, robust cloud that’s hard to beat.

Who it’s for:

Anyone looking for a high-end experience vaping herb or concentrates.

Overall Value:

The Ghost Mv1 Vaporizer price is a great value for what you get. With the rich features and price, you’re getting the panache of a Benz for the price of a Toyota.

Pros & Cons

  • Beautiful Design. We love the sleek styling, choice of finishes, and well, just the way it fits into your hand. It’s confident, classic, and forward-thinking all at the same time.
  • Exceptional speed. This is one of the few, truly on-demand vaporizers out there. It heats instantly as you use it to draw one vape at a time. And the extended battery life will keep you rolling (or should we say, vaping) for days without worrying about a recharge.
  • Superb consistency. Designed to medical-grade standards, the convection heating system offers superb flavor, smoothness, and potency with zero charring or stirring. And the clouds are massive, even from a small bowl. If the Ghost Mv1 Vaporizer price ever concerned you, you’ll forget all about it after your first hit.
  • Size. The long battery life and built-to-last design mean the Ghost Mv1 ends up being a little big and bulky in terms of portability. It’s about 5 inches tall and weighs in at around 12 oz, so it makes for a much better at-home vape than an on-the-go road-warrior.
  • Long Battery Charge. It takes around 8 hours to fully charge using the standard charger, which is more of an overnight charging option.
  • Bit of a Learning Curve. The Ghost Mv1 does take a little getting used to in terms of operability. But the app is intuitive and there are a ton of great instructional videos - once you get the hang of it, the friction just melts away.

Using the Ghost Mv1 Vaporizer

Extraction and Temperature Control

Even though each crucible holds just .1 grams of dry herb, the Ghost Mv1 still lets you pull huge rips, eclipsing anything we’ve seen from other portable vaporizers. The on-demand convection heating lives up to the hype. It takes 3 – 10 seconds to pull a rip between cold starts: and getting the exact temperature you want is simple and easy. The display is easy to read, and the app makes it even easier to drill down precise settings.

Vapor Production and Airflow

The Mv1 delivers vape through direct draw, and the pull is exactly what you’d expect from a high-end device – it’s ridiculously smooth and provides just enough resistance. The quality of the vapor in this device is top of the line, it’s among the best of the best, and delivers an exceptional hit at any temperature.

Cleaning the Ghost Mv1 Vaporizer

Cleaning the Ghost Mv1 is pretty straight forward. The company recommends cleaning the outside with a soft cloth only – no chemicals or cleaners required. The crucibles and the mouthpiece are also easy to remove, and for best results, they suggest cleaning them right after use (when the parts are still warm). Just soak the parts in some isopropyl alcohol and stir for a minute or two, anything remaining can probably be polished off with a Q-Tip. These simple steps should have it looking as good as new in a matter of minutes.

 Battery Life

The Ghost Mv1 comes with a large battery pack that straddles both sides of the vape chamber. It’s a good 75% of the total product size – so, it’s big. On the plus side, you can get anywhere from 60-100 rips on a single charge. The bad news is it takes a solid 8 hours to charge with the standard charger.

 Unique Features

The on-demand heating and design certainly make the Ghost Mv1 a stand-out among the competition. But more than its features, the massive clouds it produces, (even from a small bowl), make this unit a cut above. That superior functionality is reflected in the Ghost Mv1 Vaporizer price, but it’s well worth the few extra bucks compared with a less expensive unit.

Ghost Mv1: Warranty and Accessories

The Ghost Mv1 comes with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase, but if you download the app and register online, it jumps to a 5-year warranty. The starter kit comes with a quick start guide, the standard charger, a spare crucible with lid, a concentrate pad, three picks, three cleaning buds, and three isopropyl alcohol wipes. So, it’s very well equipped, although most hardcore users will want the optional fast charger and the crucible dispenser.

Ghost Mv1 vs Mighty Portable Vaporizer

Comparing the Ghost Mv1 Vaporizer to the Mighty Portable Vaporizer

The Final Verdict

For the purpose of this Ghost Mv1 Vaporizer review, the biggest competitor is probably The Mighty. The Ghost Mv1 Price is about the same as The Mighty, both are convection-based, and both are known for their incredible vapor. The main difference is that The Mighty is a session vaporizer, which means you cook the entire bowl at a time. The Ghost Mv1 on the other hand, allows you to take micro hits throughout the day and save the bowl for later.

In terms of charging, The Mighty has pass-through charging, which means you can use it even if the battery is zapped by just plugging it in. With the Ghost Mv1, you’ll need to charge it before you can start vaping again.

Overall, the Ghost Mv1 is a more portable vaporizer, looks better, and produces better vapor quality. And if you purchase the optional fast charger, then many of the Ghost MV1’s shortcomings simply go up in smoke.



Comparable Vaporizers

  • Slim design & fairly discreet
  • Offers precision temperature control and haptic (vibration) feedback
  • Includes a lifetime warranty and a standard accessories kit
  • Large Bowl Size
  • Heats Up Quickly & Reliably
  • Lacks Digital Display
  • Near Odorless
Expert Review
  • Long Battery Life (~3hrs)
  • All Glass Delivery Path
  • Many Satisfied Customers
Expert Review

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