2020 Plenty Vaporizer Review | Comparisons, Accessories and Ease of Use

More cannabis users are moving away from smoking and embracing vaping as their preferred method to consume cannabis. The Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is a fantastic introductory, handheld vape. Building on the feature set seen in other vaporizers by the manufacturer, the Plenty Vaporizer promises an enjoyable, unique, and safe high – all while being easy to maintain and operate.

Pros & Cons

  • Vapor draws are easily customizable for consumer taste.
  • Cooling Coil attached to the Plenty Vaporizer produces cool, smooth-tasting vapor to be inhaled without experiencing any burnt or harsh “smokey” notes.
  • Large chamber for herb makes the Plenty Vaporizer a great choice for sharing a relaxing session with friends.
  • Odd shape for a handheld vaporizer requiring some getting used to.
  • Despite the manufacturer labeling it a handheld vaporizer, the Plenty Vaporizer requires being plugged in to work. Making it hard to use on-the-go compared to other handheld vaporizers like the Pax 3.
  • Cooling coil at the top of the vaporizer can become hot to touch and must be handled with caution.

Plenty Vaporizer: Overview


As the manufacturer that brought to market the legendary Volcano Vaporizer,  Storz & Bickel has established itself as a leader in making quality herbal vaporizers. Since being founded in Germany in 2002, Storz & Bickel developed a reputation for well-built, reliable products, establishing a loyal and enthusiastic user base along the way.

Vaping Experience:

The Plenty Vaporizer provides its users with a highly customizable and safe vaping experience. The temperature adjustment wheel at the vaporizer’s base allows you to accurately set the desired temperature, subsequently allowing you to control the density of your pulls. The Plenty Vaporizer also has a built-in auto off handle, allowing you to control how long the heater stays on.

Who’s it for?

While carrying a considerable price tag at an MSRP of $249 USD, the Plenty Vaporizer has a lower price point than all other Storz & Bickel products, making it a good introductory vape if you’re new to the brand. However, the impressive feature set built into this handheld vaporizer makes it appealing to experienced users, as well as newer users looking to buy their first vape.

Overall Value

At its price point, the Plenty Vaporizer carries great value. It has higher airflow than other Storz & Bickel products, as well as a sophisticated automatic shut-off mechanism. If you are looking for a straightforward vaporizer that delivers a great vaping experience and comes from a product line well-known for its reliability, the Plenty Vaporizer would be a great fit.

Using the Plenty Vaporizer

Front facing view of Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & BickelExtraction & Temp Control

Using a large convection exchanger located at the base of the unit, the Plenty Vaporizer can reach a vape temperature of 202° Celsius (396° F). Once plugged in, clicking the power button once will turn your unit on. After the vape has been turned on, you can use the temperature adjustment wheel at its base to select 1 of 7 different temperature settings.

To start heating the herb inside the chamber, you must wrap your hand around the orange handle and give it a squeeze. An orange light will go on, indicating that the convection heat exchanger is now cooking your herb of choice.

The heat exchanger may take up to 4 minutes to reach the set temperature. Once the selected temperature is reached, the orange light will turn off, marking the end of the warming process and that the Plenty Vaporizer is now ready for use.

Once the orange light has gone off, the oven will begin to cool on its own. For longer sessions, you may wish to restart the cycle. In that case, a quick squeeze will restart the heating cycle and bring the oven up to the set temperature.

Users of the Plenty Vaporizers have reported that its extra-large chamber can fit up to 1g of dry herb. Having a larger bowl is typically not a bad thing. However, some users prefer to vape lower doses. If you’re one of those users, you may wish to invest in the Dosing Capsule Adapter which greatly reduces the capacity of your herb chamber.

 Vapor Production/Airflow

The Plenty Vaporizer is a gentle beast. Not only does it have a large herb chamber and a higher airflow than other Storz & Bickel vaporizers, it also has a pronounced cooling coil. The coiled metal does more than just give the Plenty Vaporizer its unique look, it also serves to cool the vapor as it makes its way towards the mouthpiece, presenting it at an enjoyable temperature ready for your inhale.

To achieve the best results when using the Plenty Vaporizer, you’ll want to ensure that your screen is evenly packed and covered with grinded herb. You are now ready to experience what can be described as a cool breeze. Even at the highest temperature setting, you are in for a draw that could produce large clouds without any discomfort to the throat and chest.

The built-in temperature adjustment wheel is a key element of the personalized vaping experience that the Plenty Vaporizer promises, and this is where you, the user, can experiment and have fun discovering your preferred setting. The temperature adjustment wheel controls the heat applied to your herb inside the chamber. At the highest temperature setting of 7, you can expect larger volumes of vapor at a higher density – while still maintaining a full flavor. As you experiment with lower temperature settings, you may notice softer clouds with a slightly more palpable taste of individual terpenes from your herb of choice.

Cleaning the Plenty Vaporizer

Side facing view of Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

As with any vaporizer, your Plenty Vaporizer will stay at its best when cleaned after each use. This can be done by unscrewing the cooling unit with its attached coil after the session and using the included wooden cleaning brush for a quick clean. Please be careful when cleaning any vaporizer immediately after use, ensure that you give the vape and its components sufficient time to cool down after the session.

For a deeper clean, you may also disassemble the vaporization unit and clean its components with rubbing alcohol and paper or cotton towels or with warm water. You may also thoroughly clean your cooling coil by soaking it in alcohol (ethanol) overnight and then rinsing it with water. When using alcohol to clean your vaporizer and its components, remember that alcohol is flammable, and it should be wiped down with water as well as given time to dry off.

Overall, the Plenty Vaporizer holds its own in terms of on-going cleanliness. When you buy a unit, Storz and Bickel also provides three extra back-up screens and a beautiful wooden cleaning brush.

Unique Features

The Plenty Vaporizer stands to be a game-changer in its design. While having to remain plugging in, the auto off release handle is a very practical safety feature. It saves you having to unplug your vaporizer between sessions, and it provides you with an easy method to restart the heating cycle and go for round 2. Seeing as the Plenty Vaporizer is handheld as well, its weight of 1.5lbs make it easy to pick up as well as pass around in a group setting.

The addition of the metal cooling coil adds to the visual appeal of the Plenty Vaporizer and is a stand-out piece in both design and vapor production.

Safe and pleasant to smoke, The Plenty Vaporizer is without a doubt one of the most aesthetically outstanding pieces available on the market today.

Plenty Vaporizer Warranty & Accessories

Well-known for their commitment to quality and customer service, Storz & Bickel gives you peace of mind by including a 3-year manufacturer warranty with the purchase of your Plenty Vaporizer. This warranty covers you in the event of any defects or workmanship issues.

In the box, the Plenty Vaporizer includes the vaporizer, filling chamber, cooling coil and mouthpiece. In addition, Storz & Bickel include three extra screens, a drip pad, one long and one short tubing section. You’ll also notice a bonus herb grinder alongside the handy wooden cleaning brush.

Plenty Vaporizer vs. Mighty Vaporizer

Side by side views of the mighty vaporizer and the plenty vaporizer

Since they use the same Storz & Bickel convection heating method, the biggest difference between the Plenty Vaporizer and the Mighty Vaporizer comes down to power source. The Mighty Vaporizer is a battery-powered, portable vaporizer, while the Plenty Vaporizer is a corded vaporizers that requires being plugged in.

With the Plenty Vaporizer relying on an electric outlet, the Mighty Vaporizer presents itself as a pocket-friendly battery-operated vaporizer. However, while the Mighty Vaporizer may have the battery working in its favor – the Plenty Vaporizer is reported as being easier to clean and enjoys some more advanced features than its portable sibling. The Plenty Vaporizer boasts a higher airflow, a more efficient cooling unit, and a temperature-controlled automatic shutoff.

The Company: Storz & Bickel

Regarded as early pioneers and innovators of vaporizer technology, Storz & Bickel are the producers of the original desktop Volcano Vaporizer. In 2016, Storz & Bickel built the world’s first factory dedicated to manufacturing medical herbal vaporizers in Tuttlingen, Germany.

In 2018, 22 years after Markus Storz began developing his first herbal vaporizer, Storz and Bickel was acquired by Canadian cannabis company Canopy Growth Corp. To this day, Storz & Bickel, is still led by its two founders, and continues to introduce high-quality practical tools for a growing market of vaporizer fans.

The Final Verdict

Whether you’re looking to make your first or your next vaporizer purchase, the Plenty Vaporizer would be a great investment. The Storz & Bickel legacy of precise, high-quality manufacturing brings promises a long life for your device, and their reputation for stellar customer service should also ease any worries you may have surrounding device malfunctions.

We believe that the Plenty Vaporizer is one of the most unique, well-rounded vaporizers on the market. Furthermore, and within this price range, it would be very difficult to find a vaporizer that provides such an enjoyable but safe, and unique but consistent vaping experience!

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