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Social CBD Vape Pen Review

Pre-filled with a unique combination of hemp-derived CBD and natural essential oils, the Social CBD Vape Pen is designed to keep up with the pace of your day. Customize your wellness routine from three ready-to-use herbal blends to relax, focus, and revive the mind.

Social CBD Vape Pen

Expert Review


Vaporizer Type: Disposable
CBD Content: 25 mg
CBD Cost: $0.09 - $0.16
Extract Type: CBD isolate
THC Content: 0%
Flavor(s): Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Grapefruit, Spearmint

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Social CBD Vape Pen Overview

When it comes to disposable vape pen options, Social CBD is making all the right moves. Their targeted formulas are available in multiple flavors with consistent doses of CBD in every puff.

The Social Movement

Social CBD (formerly known as Select CBD) is a feel-good brand committed to delivering pure, powerful, and trusted hemp products. The company makes all of its products from CBD isolate using an ethanol extraction process to remove all traceable amounts of THC, leaving you with pure hemp solutions without the risk of psychoactive effects.

Who is the Social CBD Vape Pen for?

Saying the Social CBD vape pen has zero learning curve almost feels like an understatement. It comes pre-filled, charged up, and session-ready. This disposable vape pen is ideal for beginners or seasoned pros who want all the fun of vaping without the fuss of a refillable unit.

Pure Blends

Guaranteed to have no propylene glycol or benzoic acid. Just pure CBD isolate, fractionated coconut, and essential oils. The ceramic core cartridge is calibrated for consistent, even heating that preserves the taste of every puff.

Juice That’s Worth the Squeeze

The price tag seems like a steal for the potency and product quality. Every batch is tested by an ISO accredited third-party lab, then every vaporizer undergoes seven levels of quality control checks before its released onto the market.

Pros & Cons

  • High concentration
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Symptom-focused formulas
  • No liquid level indicator
  • Cannot re-fill cartridge with your own oils

Using the Social CBD Vape Pen

Quite possibly one of the easiest vapes to operate, the Social CBD vape pens are a quick and discreet way to get your dose of CBD on the go. The addition of essential oils deliver flavorful clouds and help support the intended effects of the hemp extract.

Ceramic Core 

The cartridges in the Social CBD vape pen are made with a ceramic core that preconfigures an even temperature, preserving the taste and flavor profiles of the CBD oil. Among all heating elements, ceramic is now the most widely used type because it delivers clean vapor that isn’t impacted by rogue chemicals from the heating element itself. Ceramic also has the highest melting and boiling point, withstanding heat up that can exceed 3000°F without degrading the overall structure.

Airtight Cartridges

The airtight, tamper-resistant cartridges prevent leaks and keep the Social CBD oil flowing. All Social CBD vape pens go through seven levels of quality control checks. During this process, pens are cured for 24 hours before distribution, minimizing mechanical failure and allowing the oil extracts to saturate each wick. The wicks are made from unbleached, Japanese cotton, which is said to be the best material for vape wicks.

Quality Vapor Production

For the purists at heart, Social CBD vape pens are made using 100% domestically sourced industrial hemp-derived CBD isolate blended with MCT oil and essential oils for an exceptionally clean vaping experience. Social CBD also steers clear of CDC identified harmful ingredients found in other vapes, such as Vitamin E Acetate or other potentially harmful cutting agents such as propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).

Each pen contains 125-250 mg of CBD isolate compared to most brands on the market that peak at 200 mg. To hit the perfect balance between potency and taste, Social CBD steeps dry herbs in highly refined essential oils to allow both the flavor and potential healing properties of their phytonutrient-rich formula to really shine. You can customize your vape pen adventures with a natural infusion of lavender, peppermint, lemon, grapefruit, or spearmint.

Social CBD Vape Pen Instructions

This is truly a point and shoot set-up. The disposable vape pen comes charged with a pre-filled cartridge that’s ready for action as soon as you take it out of the package. Simply inhale through the opening at the top of the pen. The built-in light at the bottom will glow when activated. The Social CBD vape pen battery life should give you approximately 150 three second puffs. You will know the cartridge is empty when you no longer get any vapor from it. The trick here is there is no visible indicator to know how much liquid is left in the cartridge, like the Dosist Pen and other disposable vapes have. This makes it difficult to know when you’re close to the end unless you’re the type to count every puff. No judgment from us if you are.

Cleaning the Social CBD Vape Pen

Here’s the beauty of disposable pens. No cleaning is required. You get to have all the fun of tasty portable clouds but none of the responsibility of maintaining the device. The downside of going the disposable route is it could end up getting expensive if you’re an all-day toker or have a high tolerance. Disposable pens also create more waste, which may end up making your environmental footprint a bit bigger.

Unique Features: Thoughtful Formulas in a Consistent Dose

Social CBD creates vape formulas with an intended purpose to target specific symptoms. Each botanical blend aims to amplify the healing properties of CBD to let users tailor their vaping experience.

Focus: Pure CBD extract infused with your choice of spearmint or peppermint essential oil to help increase mental clarity and breathe new life into any routine.

Relax: Lavender is an all-natural way to fight anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Breath in the soothing aroma to find calm and tranquility amongst the chaos.

Revive: The cold-pressed grapefruit and lemon essential oils help you pause and recharge the body to give you the energy you crave.

Dosing is also much more straightforward with the Social CBD vape pen compared to refillable vaporizers, with each puff containing approximately 1.7 mg of CBD. The absence of THC in these products means there are no psychoactive effects. To ensure this, Social CBD tests for active ingredient potency, 0.0% THC, as well as the absence of harmful levels of heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and microbials. Social CBD vape pens provide a versatile and convenient way to enjoy pure CBD.

Social CBD Vape Pen: Small Size, Big Value. 

Social CBD was founded with an unwavering commitment to creating natural wellness solutions for modern life. Their commitment to customer safety and satisfaction really shines through the entire line of pure, honest, and powerful products — and the Social CBD vape pen is no exception.

The CBD isolate used in the vape pen is made using an ethanol extraction process. Not only is it one of the oldest, most efficient forms of extract, but it’s also classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the FDA. Social CBD also makes it a priority to work with farms that share values for clean products and use some of the strictest growing practices.

The proof is in the pudding. The Social CBD vape pen offers pure CBD isolate to capture the hemp plant’s therapeutic properties, natural essential oils to amplify the experience, and MCT oil to improve absorption. The pricing is competitive, the quality is top-shelf, and the blend varieties add even more value to a product that’s already checking all the right boxes. It doesn’t get much better than Social CBD vape pens. Even with the minor inconvenience of no liquid level indicator, we think you will be hard-pressed to find a brand that provides you with this much value in such a small package.

Social CBD Vape Pen FAQs

How do I know when my Social CBD vape pen is charged?

The Social CBD vape pen comes fully charged. Simply take the pen out of the package and inhale to activate.

Why is my Social CBD​ pen blinking?

The LED light will blink when the cartridge is almost empty.

How long does a Social CBD​ vape pen last?

There should be approximately 150 three second puffs in each pen.

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