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Yocan Evolve Plus Vape Pen Review

Yocan Evolve Plus Vape Pen

Expert Review
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Vaporizer Type: Portable
Compatibility: Waxes & Dabs
Heating Style: Conduction
Warranty: 90 days
Power Source: 1100mAh battery
Weight: 210g
Temperature Settings: No temperature control


The Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer presents itself as an outstanding device from a consumer value perspective. The Evolve Plus manages to do great work adhering to just that. As a vaporizer designed specifically for concentrates, the slim, pocket-ready unit is a testament to the art of on-the-go vaping.

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The Yocan Evolve Plus Experience

As you slide open the box for the Yocan Evolve Plus, you are greeted with a heavy-duty vaporizer that is quite aesthetically pleasing. By the weight and presentation of the vaporizer alone, the Evolve Plus comes across as a top-of-the-line product. Plug the micro-USB charger into the battery immediately, as you’re definitely going to want to fire this vaporizer up as soon as you can.

How to get started with the Evolve Plus

Colors of Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer (black, silver, sakura purple, champagne gold, apple green, azure green)

The size of the quartz dual coil bowl you’ll find upon removal of the atomizer tube and coil cap allows for a remarkable amount of concentrate. Erring on the side of caution upon first “pack” – using a small amount of concentrate to begin will allow you to experience the combustion component of the Yocan Evolve.

As you finish re-connecting the various stainless-steel components into your freshly charged 510 thread vape pen, you are ready to kick off into action. As you rapidly click the button to fire up the battery, you will be impressed with how quickly the dual quartz coil starts producing a heavy burn.

Using the Evolve Plus

Complete breakdown of all parts of Yocan Evolve Plus

As you begin to draw from the tightly screwed atomizer tube, expect immediate results. The kick from your first draw will showcase the combustion power of the dual quartz coil. From the first draw on, you’ll start to wrap your head around the best way to pack a coil for personal preference. Extended compression on the main button during a draw presents a large amount of kick and vapor. The Yocan Evolve features 15 seconds of continuous heat on an extended button hold. Shorter clicks of the button in succession upon draw seems to be the best maneuver to keep a more approachable vape draw while managing to maintain the subtle nuances of strain-specific terpenes.

The sturdiness of the threaded stainless steel components of the Yocan Evolve Plus adds to the overall experience of the vaporizer, easily disassembled and re-assembled by hand – a clean Yocan Evolve Plus proves to be an excellent on-the-go vaporizer. The addition of the silicone-lined storage component on the very bottom of the unit allows for extra concentrate storage space for a regular user.

Maintenance of the Evolve Plus

On the other hand, the beautiful presentation of this device may also be a bit of a challenge for some. Depending on your choice of concentrate, the amount of concentrate, and your experimentation with the combustion power of the dual quartz coil – this 510 thread vape pen requires on-going maintenance. You will want to remove the atomizer tube, coil cap, coil & base on a consistent basis to give it a quick inspection.

Ensure that you always have isopropyl on hand for this vaporizer. It can be a bit tricky, nevermind sticky. Without proper attention given on a regular basis, you will find yourself with a mess. Again, going back to the concentrate of choice and how you maneuver the dual quartz coil with the main button – the Evolve Plus can prove to be a bit more than bargained for in terms of cleaning.

You may well unscrew the atomizer tube and discover an “overboil” and notice an abundance of concentrate in and over the multiple stainless components. This is where the “on-going maintenance” proves itself to be the biggest help you can give yourself with the Yocan Evolve Plus. Taking the time to pay attention to the cleanliness of the vaporizer itself is paramount.

The seamless threading of the well-appointed stainless-steel components of this vaporizer can be very rewarding to assemble. On the contrary, the reward found in the assembly of a well-maintained and clean Evolve Plus can also present itself as annoying frustration. The stainless steel does not thread (or unthread) so well when it is covered in residual concentrate. After re-screwing your vaporizer back to “normal”, if any residual concentrate has leaked its way onto the base of the unit, you might discover that the battery is no longer able to find the dual quartz coil.

So, this isn’t exactly a vape for beginners; there’s some work needed to keep this great tool working smoothly. But, with a regimented, regular cleaning schedule, the Yocan Evolve Plus presents a good return on investment.

Close-up shot of the Silver Yocan Plus Vaporizer

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Evolve Plus Warranty & Accessories

In the box for the Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer, you will find one of each component: 1) Atomizer Tube; 2) Coil Cap; 3) Quartz Dual Coil; 4) Base; 5) Battery; 6) Silicone Jar. Lacking a tangible warranty, the replacement of certain components may come back to your original point of purchase. Lacking a secondary Quartz Dual Coil in the packaging leaves a small gap in overall value, as you will have to replace this piece on a somewhat regular basis. Depending again on the overall use and ability to keep the various components of the device to a high degree of cleanliness, the Quartz Dual Coil is a piece you will need to purchase on a regular basis.

Final thoughts on the Evolve Plus

At the price point, the Yocan Evolve Plus presents excellent value. This vaporizer does an excellent job in the realm of immediate heating, pull/draw, and design. However, the Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer can be a bit tricky to keep clean and requires adequate care and maintenance for the best results. If it doesn’t sound like this advanced rig is going to fit your lifestyle, there are plenty of other vaporizers on the market that require little prep work before you can take your first draw and minimal maintenance between uses.

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