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zues arc

Zeus Arc GT: Cannabis Vaporizer Review

Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer

Zeus Arc GT

Expert Review


Vaporizer Type: Portable
Heat Up Time: 45 seconds
Compatibility: Dry Herb
Heating Style: Conduction & Convection
Warranty: 3 years
Power Source: Rechargeable 3500mAH battery
Draw Method: Direct Draw

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Overview: Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer

As a premium portable vaporizer, the Zeus Arc is a certified gold factory of flavor.

Zeus Arc Manufacturer

Backed by a German engineering team, Zeus Arsenal builds high-performance vaporizers designed to delight seasoned cannabis connoisseurs.

Who’s the Zeus Arc For?

This vaporizer is built for uncompromising herb lovers looking for the gold standard. Literally. All that gold plating comes at a price, but it delivers some seriously high-end flavor.

Zeus Arc Vaping Experience

Although the Zeus Arc GT doesn’t let you vape concentrates, its herb game is a cut above. The only thing smoother than the rips is the taste. Both will have you coming back for more.

Overall Value of the Zeus Arc

It’s not every day you get to walk around with a pocket full of gold. But the Zeus Arc GT lets you do just that without totally breaking the bank. While beginners might not want to go all-in on such a high-end device, seasoned pros will see this as a solid investment.

Watch our full review of the Zeus Arc GT:

Pros & Cons

  • Gold plating delivers flavor that other materials just can’t match
  • Hands-free loading… just scoop the device through your herb pile, pack it in and go!
  • Glass spacer makes micro-dosing a breeze
  • Herb only / no oil
  • No on-demand heating; you’ll have to wait up to a minute for the perfect temp
  • A little larger than some competitors like the Pax 3

Using the Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer

Using the Zeus Arc GT is incredibly easy and intuitive. Here are a few of the things you’ll want to look at if you’re considering this device.

The Gold Standard with Convection Heating

The Zeus Arc uses a combination of induction and convection (direct and indirect heat) that extracts a full body of flavors from your herb. And to make sure those stellar flavors make it to your mouth intact, the Zeus Arc’s bowl, air path, and mouthpiece are all plated with gold.

Why gold? Well, aside from delivering a premium look, gold is actually one of the best materials available for the job. Gold’s thermal conductivity is among the best of any metal, which means heat can be distributed evenly and quickly wherever it’s needed. And in the chamber, gold is used to reduce heat from the vapor path to ensure you get the punch of flavor you’re looking for without the intensity of too much heat. And as an added bonus, gold happens to be extremely corrosion-resistant, which means your device will last longer and look good doing it; features even high-end heavyweights like the Ghost Mv1 can’t match.

To put those premium materials to work, the Zeus Arc GT comes with three temperature presents. Heat up time is about a minute with the highest temp of 437 F, and a little less for the lower settings. Toggling between the three pre-sets is as simple as pressing a single button, and the device will vibrate to let you know when the switch is complete. Although we loved the simplicity of the three pre-sets (and not to mention the results), you can customize your temp using their app if you have some very specific tastes. But most users will be just fine with the default settings.

Vaping Done Right

As long as you don’t overload or overpack it, the Zeus Arc will reward you with some top-shelf vapor that tastes as smooth as it draws. The magnetic stir tool stored inside the casing is great for repositioning your herb and extracting every ounce of flavor out. And the gold chamber and mouthpiece work in harmony to pull that vaporized bouquet of goodness directly to your senses.

The airflow is everything you’d expect from a high-end vaping device. It’s almost effortless and works with you, not against you, delivering some nice clouds along the way. Small pulls are packed with flavor and go down easy, even for newbies. While the longer draws will pull give you a pretty serious kick and some pretty respectable clouds for such a compact device.

Cleaning with a Magic Wand

Believe it or not, cleaning is actually one of the things you’ll learn to love about the Zeus GT Arc Vaporizer. Remember that little magnetic stir tool we told you about that fits right inside the device? Well, it’s also a magical cleaning utensil. Simply remove the bottom cover of the vaporizer and look for the little chamber. Then plow that magical wand all the way through the chamber until the insides pop out of the top. That’s it! The chamber is clean.

To get those popped out pieces clean and shiny too, just give them a quick rinse or soak in some iso. With pretty much any device, we recommend regular and consistent cleaning. For the Zeus Arc, once a week should do you just fine.

Innovation is in its DNA

Aside from the gold plating and the easy cleaning system, the one thing you’re going to love about the Zeus Arc GT is the scoop design. When you take the lid off the bowl, you’ll see that the device’s whole top is shaped like a scoop or a small pail. That means you don’t have to keep pinching bits of herb and fumble around to get it all in the bowl. With this design, you can literally plow the device through a pile of herb, and the device pretty much gobbles it up. Then just pack it to your liking, cover and enjoy!

As easy as it is to load your own herb, the Zeus Arc goes one step further. As an added layer of convenience, the device is also compatible with Zeus’s Arcpods. They’re single-serve dry herb capsules that you can pop in with ease for precisely measured doses and incredible flavor consistency. They’re just like k-cups are to coffee, and with just about as many flavors.

Besides that, some users will definitely appreciate the gold spacer that fits inside the bowl to better micro-dosing. While not everyone will use it, it’s a great option to have on-hand and a good way to keep from wasting too much of your herb if you’re only itching for a taste.

Zeus Arc GT Warranty & Accessories

The Zeus Arc GT comes with everything you need to get started. Like most higher end devices, it comes with a USB cable, some cleaning sticks and iso wipes. But this device also comes with pipe cleaners, a glass spacer, and of course, the magnetic built-in cleaning pick that all adds to the premium experience.

In terms of warranty, the folks at Zeus Arsenal stand by their products. The Zeus Arc has a full 3-year warranty, which puts it at the top of the heap compared to its competitors.

The Final Verdict

The gold-plated vaporizer delivers on taste, consistency, and convenience at an extremely reasonable price point. Although you won’t be vaping on-demand with this device, you’ll more than happy to wait a few seconds for a truly golden experience.

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