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Vape Jam UK

Our Top Ten Vape Tricks

Learning how to do vape tricks could very well make you an impressive up-and-coming cloud artist. Enjoy learning the practices, and you’ll soon be able to put on a rad performance for yourself and your friends.

For centuries, tobacco and cannabis enthusiasts across the globe have practiced heavily in the art of smoking. While the tobacco industry continues to demonstrate a drop in demand, we’ve quickly been ushered into the wonderful world of vaporizing. Here are our favorite vape tricks, which might just end up becoming your personal party tricks with a little practice.

1. French Inhale

What is it?

French Inhale Vape Trick, also known as Irish Waterfall

The centuries-old French Inhale is an easily achievable vape trick. Inhaling from your nose via the mouth is the end game. It’s super fun to play around with. Deeper draws produce denser clouds, while painting a beautiful picture. Playing with your mouth gap will also be an exciting part in mastering the art of the French Inhale.

Difficulty Level: Beginner

How to do the French Inhale:
  1. Taking a deep pull from your vaporizer, allow for the clouds to settle in your closed mouth. In other words, at this point, don’t inhale.
  2. Slowly opening your mouth, you will want to casually extend your lower lip, creating an underbite.
  3. As the clouds slowly start to appear from the small gap you’ve created with your mouth, you will want to engage a deep inhale using nothing but your nostrils. You will notice the artistic appearance of the vapor exiting your mouth and entering your nose. If you see this, you’ve done your first French inhale.

2. Blowing O's

What is it?

Blowing O’s Vape Trick, also known as Blowing Rings

The original smoke trick, blowing O’s has certainly maintained its popularity over the years. Well, now is the time to learn how to blow smoke rings with your vaporizer. This trick might take a bit of practice.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

How to Blow O's:
  1. Take a heavy pull from your vaporizer. Fill your mouth with clouds, but be careful not to inhale.
  2. With your mouth still closed, trapping a decent portion of vapor, you are going to need to fully relax your tongue. As you haven’t inhaled any of the cloud production, and your tongue is relaxed along the bottom of your mouth, you’re ready to endeavor blowing an O.
  3. While slowly opening your mouth, keep your lips as cylindrical as possible. That little cylinder your lips are making should look pretty much exactly like an O. This is the point when your relaxed tongue is going to have to wake up and put in some work. With a mouthful of dense vapor, use your tongue like a dart, aimed directly at the center of the O-shaped cylinder you’ve made with your mouth.

3. Ghost Inhale

What is it?

Ghost Inhale Vape Trick

The Ghost Inhale is a sweet vape trick to pull off. Unique alone, this is a trick that has no traceable origin to the combustion of tobacco products. Essentially, accomplishing a Ghost Inhale was impossible prior to the global introduction of vaporizing. One of these Ghost Inhale vape tricks will be really stunning, once you can successfully pull it off.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

How to do the Ghost Inhale:
  1. You are going to want to take a pretty hefty pull on your vaporizer. Make sure you do not inhale any vapor into your lungs. Keep your mouth sealed with the dense clouds you’ve just collected.
  2. Slowly opening your mouth, allow the vapor to accumulate and exit, and then shut your mouth immediately. A dense cloud of vapor should visually greet you directly in front of your closed mouth. You have a few seconds to catch your breath, then quickly snap-inhale that wonderful cloud back into your mouth and deep into your lungs. If you’ve pulled that big cloud back into your lungs and exhaled the remnants, you’ve successfully completed a competent Ghost Inhale.

4. Bull Ring

What is it?

Bull Ring Vape Trick

Before you approach taking on the Bull Ring, you’ll want to ensure you’ve had lots of success in blowing Os. This trick is named the Bull Ring because the result of pulling it off successfully is comparable to the shape of the ring that we often see in the nose of a bull. Make sure you’re comfortable with blowing Os, and be ready to use your nose.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

How to do the Bull Ring:
  1. Getting started, take a hefty pull and fill your mouth up with vapor – do not inhale. Begin blowing some casual Os.
  2. This is where the chase of an exquisite Bull Ring begins. You’re going to want to keep the lights on when practicing your Bull Ring, as you will need to keep a visual lock on the Os you are blowing. Approach your O with your nose, keeping your mouth shut.
  3. Make sure you approach it from the top of the O. As you snap-inhale through your nose, watch the ring of a bull’s nose appear on your own face.

5. Atomic Bomb

What is it?

Atomic Bomb Vape Trick, also known as Mushroom Cloud

Despite the unsettling name, the Atomic Bomb is an elegant vape trick. It will take some experience with blowing Os, as with many new vape tricks (that maneuver is one to put a lot of practice into). Similar to the Bull Ring, the Atomic Bomb starts with the production of dense Os.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

How to do the Atomic Bomb:
  1. Casually blowing dense O’s towards your feet from a seated position, maintain awareness of the distance of your O. With a lightly produced O with dense vapor hovering mere inches from your tilted head, you are ready to finish with an Atomic Bomb.
  2. Blow light Os, because you will want to ensure you still have a hefty amount of vapor left in your closed mouth. At this point, you should begin blowing un-inhaled vapor directly through the center of your downward-facing O.
  3. As you begin to master dropping extra vapor through your downward-facing O, you will see the formation of a mushroom-style cloud or atomic bomb. However, when you’ve mastered the formation of the downward-facing Mushroom Cloud, it’s truly the engagement of a deep inhale to catch the explosion aspect of the Atomic Bomb in rewind.

6. Vape Bend

What is it?

Vape Bend Trick, also known as Hand Vaping

The Vape Bend is truly a hands-on experience. If your O’s are beginning to blow heavy and dense, it might be time to consider what you can do to an O with your hands. Utterly incredible to witness, the Vape Bend might be one of the most magical vape tricks you’ve ever seen. You’re going to want to feel extremely confident in your O production, before venturing into the vape bending world. You’re going to be maneuvering your O’s with your bare hands.

Difficulty Level: Advanced

How to do the Vape Bend:
  1. Start by blowing some thick O’s, but keep your blows low-torque, so they do not travel too far away from you.
  2. While blowing these O’s, begin to cup the side of your mouth with your best hand.
  3. You should suddenly discover that you can move your O with your hand, but be careful not to make contact with it. You can guide your O up, down, forward, or to the side.

7. Dragon

What is it?

Dragon Vape Trick

Pulling off a fancy Dragon could be one of the most visually appealing vape tricks that has recently popped up. You can resemble a dragon with the propulsion of clouds, using both your nostrils and mouth.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

How to do the Dragon:
  1. Pull some deep hauls from your vaporizer. To master the Dragon, you’re going to need a stock of clouds in your mouth. We wouldn’t recommend inhaling any of the vapor into your lungs, as you will want to have a mouthful of dense clouds.
  2. The Dragon requires four separate exits for your vapor. While two of these exits are located in the nostrils, the accompanying two will be produced with either side of your mouth. While keeping your lips tightly sealed, you can create dual gaps in the corners of your sealed lips. Keeping your teeth clenched will lend a helpful hand in doing this.
  3. When you have unlocked the four exits, blast that vapor from all four established cloud exits. Truly a fire vape trick, no flames included.

8. Jellyfish

What is it?

Jellyfish Vape Trick

The Jellyfish is a flashy vape trick to pull off for a crowd. Bearing resemblance to a jellyfish, expect to see some artistic marine life floating through the air. If you know how to blow smoke rings, learn this new trick!

Difficulty Level: Advanced

How to do the Jellyfish:
  1. Get started with heavy pulls on your vaporizer. This particular vape trick requires a lot of clouds. With your mouthful of vapor, start blowing some large but low-torque Os. You want these big Os to be close to your face, but keep them dense.
  2. Similar to the Atomic Bomb, we’re essentially looking at the practice of blowing more clouds directly through a recently established O. Unlike the Atomic Bomb though, aim your Os straight ahead.
  3. As you have a mouthful of vapor and a stunningly large O in front of your face, you need to get started with your aim.
  4. Blow some smaller but faster Os through the large O you’ve already produced. You may see some of the vapors beginning to visually cling to one another, as your Jellyfish starts to grow. Others then opt to fully blast the remaining vapor directly through the first big O they blew.

9. Liquid Mist

What is it?

Liquid Mist Vape Trick, otherwise known as Vape Cup

The Vape Cup is one of the easier vape tricks to learn. If you can imagine a party cup full of dense clouds, looking like a fresh cocktail, you’re in for a treat. An easy vape trick for a beginner, the potential for merriment in the making is almost unlimited.

Difficulty Level: Beginner

How to create Liquid Mist:
  1. You’ll want to have a plastic cup on hand. We suggest something similar to a 12-16oz see-through plastic cup. It might be helpful if that cup is a little on the cooler side before you pour your very first cup of clouds.
  2. Sit at a table and place the cup directly on the tabletop in front of you.
  3. Take a heavy pull on your vaporizer, but do not inhale, to keep a dense cloud of vapor locked in your mouth. Remain seated, but lean directly over the top of your plastic cup.
  4. Aiming directly for the middle of the cup, calmly blow your clouds downwards into it. The occurrence of cloud spillage over the top of the cup happens very often, but never seems to have much of an impact on your final product. At this point, you should be looking straight at a cup full of vapor. Pour it out all over the table if you feel like it, or give cheers to a friend if you’ve made two cups. They’ll stay full for a little while!

10. Bane Inhale

What is it?

Bane Inhale Vape Trick

Comic book fan or not, the Bane Inhale is incredible to witness. While owing its namesake to the masked antagonist of Batman, this vape trick is one smooth move. Stylistically, the Bane Inhale may be comparable to the French Inhale, but the mastering of the Bane Inhale will provide an experience unlike anything else.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

How to do the Bane Inhale:
  1. Taking a heavy pull from your vaporizer, fill your mouth up with dense clouds. Puff your cheeks out and keep your clouds handy – don’t inhale.
  2. To best perform a Bane Inhale, allow your clouds to thicken in your closed mouth. You want maximum density in the mouth.
  3. Similar to the French Inhale, while keeping your teeth clenched, casually allow the clouds to start leaving your slightly closed mouth. Keeping your teeth clenched is important, as the gaps between them lend a hand in providing multiple, but still limited, exit points for your clouds.
  4. Begin inhaling through your nostrils. Keeping your teeth clenched while allowing for clouds to exit your mouth means that you will see pointed visual strands of vapor entering your nose. The appearance of these multiple strands of vapor is due to the exits you’ve created with your clenched teeth. When you see a pyramid of vapor strands cover the entirety of your upper lip and disappearing into your nostrils, you’ve done the Bane Inhale!

Final Tips for Vape Tricks

Pulling off a fancy vape trick for your friends really comes down to one thing: working with your mouth. While some tricks require a deep inhale after you establish a stock of vapor in the mouth, most likely through your nostrils – others require simply maneuvering vapors around your mouth and using your tongue muscles to blow visible Os into the air. Have fun playing with your mouth, get comfortable with how you manipulate your clouds – the sky is the limit!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest vape trick?

The easiest vape trick to get started with is a simple French Inhale. It’s a beautiful picture to paint using nothing but your mouth and nose.


What are some vape tricks?

We’ve covered ten very popular vape tricks in this article, but there are so many others to try. Check out triangles, vapor bubbles, or even a tornado if you’re getting comfortable.

What vape is best for tricks?

While you fill find fulfilling results with almost any style of vape pen, there is no doubt that vape pens designed specifically to vaporize concentrates will produce some bossy clouds to play with.

How do you do the waterfall smoke trick?

While perhaps not being the easiest trick to pull off, you will most definitely want to have some form of concave bottle or glass in close reach. Without inhaling, you will be filling up this concave-style bottle or glass with vapor. When you find your bottle or glass full of vapor, start pouring the vapor out of the top by tipping your full bottle or glass of clouds to the side and watch the waterfall of vapor start to pour out of your bottle or glass. Cool!

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