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How To Use A Vape Pen For CBD & Cannabis

In the past decade, vape pens have emerged as one of the vaping industry’s most popular products. Easy to use, versatile, and discreet, these sleek cylindrical devices make vaping cannabis a breeze. Even if you’re new to vaping, it shouldn’t take long to get a handle on your first vape pen.

First Off, What Is Vaping?

Before explaining how to use a vape pen, you must understand what “vaporizing” means. “Vaping” gets tossed around a lot in the media today, so it is understandable why many consumers are a tad confused.

Basically, vaporizing involves warming a product (e.g., waxes or e-liquids) until it turns into a white, cloudy gas (aka vapor). The reason vaping isn’t the same as traditional smoking has to do with combustion. Vaporizers don’t burn your chosen medium like smoking does. This feature is advantageous because you don’t have to worry about inhaling potentially damaging carcinogens that come along with smoking any product.

Another reason many people love vaporizing has to do with the smell of the vapor. Or, rather, the lack of smell. Compared with smoke, vapor gives off very little odor, which makes vaping a deliciously discreet option.

How Does A Vape Pen Work?

Although there are many designs available nowadays, all vape pens must have an internal battery, mouthpiece, and a heating chamber (aka atomizer). Most non-disposable vape pens also have a button and a micro-USB charging port.

How To Use a Vape Pen

In most cases, you must click the vape pen’s button five times to activate the battery. This will instantly begin heating your oil in the atomizer until it transforms into vapor. When your vaporizer is ready, all you have to do is draw in through the mouthpiece.

filling a vape pen wht e-liquid vape juice using a vape cartridge

What Types Of Vape Pens Are On The Market?

The most significant decision you have to make when picking a vape pen is whether you want a disposable or reusable model. Let’s take a closer look at these two designs and highlight their pros and cons.

Disposable Vape Pens: Best For Beginners & Travelers

In case you were wondering how to use disposable vape pens, you’re in luck as it couldn’t be easier! These devices are pre-charged, all-in-one units, which makes them an extremely convenient choice for new vapers. Usually, all you have to do is draw the vape pen to activate it, and that’s it! Enjoy your disposable vape pen until the oil runs out.

Disposable vape pens will usually run you between $6 – $15, each with about 0.3ml – 0.5ml of oil per pen. Typically, these devices have a voltage of about three with batteries anywhere between 280 and 540 mAh.

It’s impossible to say how many draws you’ll get with any vape pen because each device has different specs. A good ballpark figure for a 0.5ml disposable pen, however, is about 200 draws.

The obvious downside of using a disposable vape pen is that you can’t refill or recharge it. Over time, this will end up costing you far more than investing in a high-quality rechargeable vape pen. Also, because you have to throw away a pen when it’s finished, disposable vape pens aren’t eco-friendly.

On the pro side, disposable vape pens can help new customers get a feel for vaping without committing to a rechargeable device. Vapers who do a lot of traveling also enjoy the convenience of disposable vape pens. Dosist carries disposable and rechargeable options for dose-controlled pens that are an excellent choice for beginners.

Reusable Vape Pens: A More Affordable & Eco-Friendly Option

Reusable vape pens have a micro-USB port that allows you to recharge your device whenever the battery is low. These devices also offer fantastic customizability since you could swap out different vape cartridges as long as they meet your battery’s specifications.

Most rechargeable vape pens nowadays have 510 threaded batteries. Customers should keep this number in mind because they will have an easier time picking up compatible vape cartridges from a wide variety of companies.

While we’re on the subject, battery power on most rechargeable vape pens could range from 400mAh to over 1,000mAh. Voltages could also vary between the three to four range.

A standard rechargeable vape pen should last about 300 charging cycles. Each charging cycle is usually OK for a few days depending on your usage and the battery’s power. For those who want a more concrete estimate, a vape pen with around 1,000 mAh should last for about 1,000 draws.

On the cons side, rechargeable vape pens require more maintenance and a higher learning curve. Customers must also be willing to make a higher initial payment for their rechargeable device.

There are, however, many positives to switching from disposable to reusable pens. For starters, you will save a ton of cash in the long term. Reusable vape pens also offer higher performance and easier customizability than disposable pens. We love the reusable herb Grasshopper Vape Pen for a smooth, clean draw and sleek design for stealthy portability.

How To Fill A Vape Pen?

Now that you’ve got your ideal vape pen, it’s time to load it up with your chosen concoction. Below, you’ll learn a bit about the most common products used in vape pens, as well as a few loading tips.

Cartridges: Quick & Clean

The easiest way to load vape pens is to use pre-filled cartridges. Since these cartridges already have vape juice inside them, there’s no need to worry about making a mess. Simply snap these cartridges into your battery, and, voilà, you’re ready to vape.

As already mentioned, most cartridges are compatible with a 510 threaded battery. Always double-check to see if the cartridge you want is compatible with your vape pen’s battery.

Loading E-Liquid Vape Juice

E-liquid is another popular medium people use in their vape pens. These juices typically have chemicals like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, as well as added flavors or nicotine. CBD e-juices are also gaining traction in the cannabis space.

When you pour your e-liquid into the atomizer, be sure to keep the fluid to the side and don’t overfill the container. If you pour directly into the center, the juice will spill out the bottom, and you’ll have a big mess on your hands (literally).

Just A Dab…Of Dab

While you could technically use dabs and waxes on most vape pens, customers should search for a vape pen that’s made explicitly for dabbing. Since dabbing requires higher temps, you probably won’t get the effect you’re looking for with a weaker vape pen battery.

To avoid contamination, please never handle dabs with your fingers. You should always use a dedicated dabber to carefully place a tiny amount of these sticky substances into your loading chamber.

How To Get High Using A Vape Pen

Ultimately, you can get high using a vape pen as long as you use a substance that can get you high, like high-THC marijuana. If you want to use a vape pen to get high, all you have to do is use the vape pen as you normally would: Put the pen to your mouth and inhale. If you are using a potent cannabis strain, this will result in relatively quick intoxication.

Accessory Ideas For Vape Pen Maintenance

Another common concern for those wondering how to use a vape pen is how you will get the most out of your vape pen. It’s a good idea to look into the accessories listed below. Although these aren’t required, they could significantly increase your vape pen’s lifespan and save you some serious aggravation.

  • Secondary charger
  • Replacement battery
  • Stash box
  • Durable carrying case
  • Heat-resistant dabber
  • Cleaning supplies (rubbing alcohol, Q-tips, cotton swabs)

A Few Final Vape Pen Recommendations

As you could see, vape pens are perfect pocket-sized products that deliver quite a punch. If you’re new to the world of vaporizers, still not quite sure how to use a vape pen, then consider trying a high-quality disposable vape pen before investing in a reusable device. To help you get started, here are a few of the hottest names in the cannabis vape pen game:

Vape Pen FAQs

What Is a Vape Pen?

A vape pen is a device used for inhaling some sort of vape juice, often one that is flavored with marijuana or CBD. They contain a battery that heats up a vape cartridge. When someone puts their mouth on the mouthpiece, the battery will turn on, heating up the liquid and turning it into smoke that can be inhaled.

Where Can I Buy A Vape Pen?

The most popular brands of vape pens include Smok Nord, Freemax, and Aspire. These are all professionally designed products, built with quality control measures, and do not have the safety risks as some other off-brands. You can usually buy these brands in a specialty store or over the internet. However, if you do buy them on the internet, make sure that they have been assembled properly and inspected. Purchasing black-market or cheap vape pens can significantly increase your health risks.

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