Wondering who made our top CBD oils list?  Click here to find out! 

Who made our top CBD oils list?  Click here to find out! 

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Is Cannabis Delivery Legal in the United States?

As a society, we’ve grown accustomed to having our purchases delivered straight to our door. Whether it be groceries, clothing, or a new computer, home delivery just makes life easier. So, it’s not surprising that cannabis delivery in the United States is a growing trend.

But is it legal? And how exactly does it work?

Like all things cannabis-related, laws around home delivery vary greatly from state to state. Consider this your primer on how the whole thing works – from laws you should be aware of, to what you can expect from the purchasing and delivery process.

Cannabis Delivery by State

On-demand cannabis delivery solves both of those problems.

But while cannabis is now legal for both medical and recreational use in several states, marijuana home delivery is a whole other animal. That’s because many states have legalized the substance, but their rules may still require you to go to a dispensary.

The good news is many states with legalized medical marijuana allow delivery. There are exceptions, though. If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, or Washington, you will have to go pick it up yourself.

So where can you legally have both medical and recreational cannabis brought to your door? Here’s a rundown of legal cannabis delivery by state:

  • California: State law allows cannabis home delivery for both medical and recreational use.
  • Oregon: State law allows cannabis home delivery for both medical and recreational use.
  • Massachusetts: Newly established rules allow the delivery of recreational cannabis as of January 2020. (Medical marijuana delivery was already legal in the state.)

There are also states with recreational cannabis delivery laws in development, so keep your ear to the ground! Here are a couple of changes to look forward to if you’re a resident of Colorado or Washington:

  • Colorado: Under a recently signed bill, recreational delivery will begin in January 2021. (Medical marijuana delivery is already legal.)
  • Washington: While cannabis home delivery is still illegal, a bill is in progress this 2020 legislative session that would allow the delivery of cannabis products.

Can I Have Cannabis Delivered from a Legal State to a Non-Legal State?

In short, no.

Regardless of individual state laws, marijuana is still illegal under federal law. That means that a cannabis dispensary that transports marijuana across state lines into a non-legal state could face federal prosecution. Since American cannabis delivery businesses are familiar with federal laws, they won’t take any risks that could result in a felony arrest.

CBD delivery in the United States operates under different rules since hemp-derived CBD is federally legal. Still, the 2018 Farm Bill allows states to make their own laws, including what kind of CBD is allowed. South Dakota bans the substance entirely.

What Are My US Options for Getting Cannabis Delivered?

American cannabis delivery is expanding exponentially, so if you live in an area with legal cannabis delivery, you should have some good options.

Since California and Oregon are the most established when it comes to cannabis home delivery, it’s probably not surprising that they have the most robust cannabis delivery infrastructure in place. There are several big names in the mix: including Eaze, Speedweed, and Nugg.

Eaze makes things super easy for anyone just starting in the cannabis space. Describing themselves as an online technology platform, they make connections between consumers and local legal marijuana dispensaries.

This means that they don’t actually grow or even sell cannabis themselves. Rather, their website allows you to shop for products available at the dispensaries they have relationships with. These local dispensaries are vetted by Eaze so you can feel confident that they’re legit.

They’ve made the process a cinch for anyone familiar with online shopping. Enter your address to make sure they deliver to your area, fill your cart (products come with detailed descriptions), and get an ETA on the checkout screen.

Any questions? You can either browse their extensive FAQs or chat with a knowledgeable customer service rep.

How Long Does a Delivery Take on Average?

Once you’ve placed your order, wait times will vary widely depending on where you’re ordering from and other variables like time of day.

Customer reviews suggest that many delivery companies tend to estimate arrival times conservatively, so you may get your order quicker than estimated. Though, the reverse can also be true if traffic becomes dramatically worse after you’ve ordered.

Speaking in broad sweeping terms, you can probably plan on an average ETA of less than two hours if you’re in a city, longer if you’re in a fringe area.

However, several happy customers have reported delivery times of 30 minutes or less – so it’s not impossible to have your order within an hour! Although, if you’re ordering your cannabis online to avoid a horrendous traffic jam, you may have to wait a while.

Can I Have CBD, THC, or Both Delivered?

In Oregon and California, you can have both CBD and THC products delivered to your doorstep. Most companies that deliver cannabis products will also include some CBD options on their menus. Eaze also ships CBD products to 41 additional states.

Since hemp-derived CBD is federally legal, CBD delivery in the US is pretty uncomplicated – you can order it online and have it shipped to your door in most states. The one glaring exception at present would be South Dakota, which has taken an explicitly unfriendly stance on CBD. Nebraska is another state where CBD legality occupies a frustrating gray zone.

How Is a Cannabis Delivery Priced?

In general, you’ll find that the price of cannabis products cited by a delivery service should be roughly on par with (or even lower than) local stores. However, you’ll also have to calculate in the delivery fee.

These fees are usually in the $5 to $10 range and are often waived for first-time shoppers. Most companies will also have a minimum order, so you can expect to have to spend at least $25 on products plus the delivery fee.

At Eaze, for example, the purchase minimum is $25 and the delivery fee is $5, so it’s a fairly low-risk investment for new cannabis consumers.

Another thing to keep in mind, many delivery services will expect you to pay in cash, though this will depend on the dispensary you’re using. Some may accept debit cards, but credit cards are generally out of the question.

Will I Need to Show Identification?

Because cannabis is a highly regulated substance, even in states where it is legal, you will need to show your ID.

This confirms that you are at least 21 years old and legally able to purchase cannabis. It also proves to the driver that you are the person who placed the order, so you will need to be at home to accept your delivery.

This may seem like an annoying requirement, especially if your order is taking longer than you expected. But checking your ID and signing for the delivery shows the dispensary that the right person got the order. This is important to them, obviously, but it also protects you from someone (you haven’t authorized) taking your order. Most cannabis delivery companies will just cancel your order if you’re not home to receive it.

Cannabis Delivery: On-Demand Convenience

As prohibition crumbles across the country, cannabis delivery in the US is going to become more and more common. Laws are always changing, so if your state doesn’t yet offer legal cannabis delivery, keep a watch out for new legislation.

In states where it’s already legal, ordering cannabis online for home delivery may be the least intimidating way to dip your toes into the cannabis market. A good delivery service should offer robust customer service and extensive information on its website. So don’t be afraid to ask questions!

For everyone else, the convenience of high-quality cannabis coming straight to your door is pretty clear. Just don’t forget to tip your driver!

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